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nombre Protecting the night sky and spreading astronomy

Collaborate with us

We need your help! If you want, you can protect the night sky and light a star! Furthermore, with your help we can continue spreading astronomy among the public and teach this new culture that incorporates the environment of the starry skyscape in schools.

These objectives that we want to share are the goals that the Starlight Foundation has proposed in collaboration with UNESCO, the International Astronomical Union and the World Tourism Organization. We also want to promote tourism as a tool for protecting the night sky and for the dissemination of science.

To collaborate with us, just donate the amount you want. All contributions are welcome.

By helping us with €50 or more, you will also receive your accreditation as a “Starlight Foundation Collaborator”, which recognizes your participation in the defense of the night sky. With your contribution we can continue designing actions to promote smart lighting that allows the enjoyment of the starlight, which it is our universal heritage and the source of life for many species that need a dark sky for their survival.

We only need your name, email address and, please, specify the on the transfer document that it is a donation (Starlight Foundation ES41 2100 9040 19 2200182707.

If the deduction is tax-deductible, please fill out the form below and send it tofundacionstarlight@fundacionstarlight.org so we can issue a certification of contribution to this non-profit organization.

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